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A Story of Christmas

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I am so excited to introduce my new Christian Fiction Novel The Lost: A Story of Christmas. It is a Contemporary Family Drama set during the holidays, but can be read at any time of year. I know when you get to know this family, the Goodsons, you’ll be inspired by their faith in a season of challenges, and by how each life has an impact on the others around them.

The back cover synopsis reads:

A mountain drive and a simple mistake cause an ordinary family to become the agents of an inspirational Christmas message.

Nine-year–old Jasmine and her family have been separated for two weeks as she prepares to receive the breakthrough CAR T-cell treatment for her relapsed leukemia at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She is with her father Bryce, while her mother Felicia, and two older brothers, Jacob and Oscar, remain in Peoria until the Christmas break.

Christmas Eve morning, as the family anticipates reuniting later that day, Jasmine awakens with a request to drive out to the mountains and see the snow before the family flies in that afternoon. This creates stress for Bryce, concerned about her frail condition, yet desiring to fulfill one of her few requests. After talking with Felicia, the parents agree her happiness is worth the venture.

This simple excursion, however, would set into motion events that lead to a desperate search, a rescue mission, and a little girl’s message of faith that inspires thousands over the Christmas holiday—even as uncertainties about her health escalate.

How would you live every day if you really believed?

Here is my Author Bio on the Back Cover:

About the Author: Wendy S. Scott

Wendy is a part-time college lecturer of Rhetoric & Writing Studies in San Diego. She has traveled on outreach missions to Russia, China, and within the United States, in addition to her personal travels to Europe, Israel, and Jordan.

In her weekly outreach, she shares the love, truth, and hope of God with others. She writes her stories to reflect God’s goodness in ordinary life and encourage believers to let their lives shine each day. Her website contains articles and short stories for tools to help believers share their faith, and to guide non-believers into salvation:

The Paperback is $9.99

The Kindle is $4.99 and Free with Kindle Unlimited

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