Rumble Videos: Pray, Praise, Prepare

PRAY, PRAISE, PREPARE: The life that God can bless, protect, & make fruitful in Spiritual Triumph: Spiritual Triumph in the day of evil. As we watch the spiritual forces of darkness enact their plan of global rule, we also see hope in the promises of God. We may feel the growing distress of these times, but we know that God loves us, and calls us to live a life devoted to His care. Whether new to our faith, or decades in our walk, we can invite God’s blessings and protections against this evil day by perusing His presence through a lifestyle of Prayer, Praise, and Preparation.

We must especially pray for our Christian family persecuted around the world. Consider supporting a ministry that send Bibles to and helps the persecuted church in India, Afghanistan, China, other places throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Indonesia, and all around the world. Let us also remember to pray for the fruit of Messianic believers in Israel to be plenteous. 10/03/21. 34 Min.

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