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Something I hear a lot from Christians is their concern about today’s culture. They often express a sense of frustration and powerlessness over current politics, or racial tensions, or the shift in values & morals. Many worry as our culture celebrates some rights, while it increasingly constrains the rights of believers to freely express our faith in the public forum. I agree, and share these same concerns. However, I have also come to recognize a few things over the years, … Read More

Open Your Mouth

  [1] “Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it” Psalms 81:10b   “Hey, I see you’re searching for something.” These are my first, freaked out, cold-sweat, nerve-trembling words to a stranger while riding on the bus one hot summer day. I had given my life to the Lord about seven months earlier, and He quickly choreographed it so that all my time was focused on Him. I soon got fired from a job that I actually thought I … Read More


There are times when it is obvious that things are NOT within our control. . . Need A GOD HUG? My New book The Lost just came out on Amazon. Read all about it! Welcome Faithful Sheep! by Wendy Scott God inspired me to create this website as a discussion forum for believers who want to encourage the lost. Many Christians would like to share their faith more often, but feel unprepared to start those conversations with friends, family, co-workers, … Read More


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About the Author

Wendy Scott   Since giving my life to Jesus over 20 years ago, God has formed in me the gift of evangelism. Like most Christians, the idea of speaking to strangers, or to people who don’t believe in Jesus made me nervous—afraid even. But the more I trusted Him and just opened my mouth, the more confidence I had that He was the one responsible for the results—not me. I also found that He knows me so well. He doesn’t … Read More

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