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What Science Reveals: If you are a skeptic, congratulations on having the courage to be curious and investigate all claims for yourself. The articles on this page focus on scientific principles that you are already equipped to evaluate. Anyone, from a PhD to a child, can judge for themselves the validity of this evidence. Select from the articles below, which are best understood in the order listed:

A Bio-Logical Problem There are actually a lot of scientific facts that refute biological evolution (the transformation of one distinct species (kind) into another distinct species (kind) through genetic mutation). These facts are not disputed among scientists. However, they have had to integrate “exceptions” for these tried and true scientific principles in order to advocate evolution as the mechanism that sparked life and designed its biological diversity.  Rather than list these innumerable facts at this juncture, let us consider the … Read More

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry to hear that, but at least you’re honest about your faith. May God reveal His Truth and deep Love to you in a personal way, beyond all your human doubts. The Bible warns: “A fool says in his heart ‘There is no God,’” Psalm 14:1 And that: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Psalms 19:1 NIV “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and … Read More
Skeptics Reason:

SCIENCE People who are skeptical of God often point to the scientific claims that the universe was created through natural processes, and that life evolved as a result of those processes. So under this naturalistic perspective, where would a god really fit in? What is the point of believing in a god that seemed to come after the fact? It’s true. If the scientific evidence points to nature itself as the most logical cause of our universe, then where would … Read More

A Question of Physics AS we investigate the scientific principles, Consider what you already believe about the universe: Do you believe that everything came out of nothing? You may not realize that there are only 2 options for how the universe, and all matter, was created: Everything came out of nothing A god created it There are no other options. These are the only 2. “But the Big Bang explains all that,” you might think. Actually, the Big Bang does … Read More

Seeds to Trees

“The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground, and should sleep by night and rise by day, and the seed should sprout and grow, he himself does not know how.” Mark 4:26-27 [9] About 25 years ago, we noticed something growing next to the house in front. I realized it was a little tree and almost cut it down, but we were sort of curious. We thought, “Let’s see what kind it is.” … Read More
A God Hug

Do you need a hug from God? Maybe His comfort and assurance? An arm around your shoulder from the one who deeply loves you? From the only one who can make things right in your life? There are times when it is obvious that things are NOT within our control, and this can bring a sense of overwhelming distress, and fear, loneliness, or frustration, cynicism, and hopelessness. Is this bad? Yes and no. It’s bad to feel these things because … Read More

Encourage Others

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” I Thes 5:11 (NIV) [8] We always hear the cliché “A diamond in the rough.” The bad thing about clichés is that they can lose their full meaning by the time they become clichés, because if we connect with the original idea, it can help us look at people in a new way. I was in a Starbucks a few years ago meeting with … Read More

Wendy Scott

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Steering Conversations

“Then the Spirit said to Philip, ‘Go near and overtake this chariot.’ So Philip ran to him, and heard him reading the prophet Isaiah, and said, ‘Do you understand what you are reading?’ And he said, ‘How can I, unless someone guides me?’ And he asked Philip to come up and sit with him.” Acts 8:29-31 [7] Often we don’t need to seek out people to witness to. Most of us encounter opportunities when we are not even looking for … Read More

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