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Since giving my life to Jesus over 20 years ago, God has formed in me the gift of evangelism. Like most Christians, the idea of speaking to strangers, or to people who don’t believe in Jesus made me nervous—afraid even. But the more I trusted Him and just opened my mouth, the more confidence I had that He was the one responsible for the results—not me. I also found that He knows me so well. He doesn’t ask me to talk to everyone, and it often takes very little to plant a seed—to change a life.

I’ve seen God do amazing things as a street evangelist and on mission trips, but often it’s the few unplanned words and loving gestures in the midst of ordinary life that have the biggest impact on someone. It’s something we can do any day—we just need to decide that we’re willing.

I am a part-time professor of English/ Rhetoric & Writing Studies at two local collages. I am also part of a weekly street-ministry team at my church, and use the rest of my time to write apologetics and Christian fiction.


Me & Frank Street Witnessing

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