People who are skeptical of God often point to the scientific claims that the universe was created through natural processes, and that life evolved as a result of those processes.

So under this naturalistic perspective, where would a god really fit in? What is the point of believing in a god that seemed to come after the fact?

It’s true. If the scientific evidence points to nature itself as the most logical cause of our universe, then where would any god rationally fit into the scheme?

Therefore, since scientific evidence effectively dictates what we accept as true, one question is fair to ask:

If it can be proven to you through scientific evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, and by your own standards, that God created everything, would you consider believing in Him?

Please weigh this question very seriously, and answer it honestly in your mind.

If by your OWN STANDARD, it is made evident that God created everything, would you consider believing in Him?

Yes or No?

Many people who claim that science is why they don’t believe in God have flatly answered this question, NO. However, this contradicts their own claims that science dictates their rejection of God. Moreover, they often criticize those who believe that God created everything as having blind faith, and spouting superstitious fables.

If scientific evidence is the basis for what someone believes, then it is hypocritical—even irrational—to reject whatever the scientific facts clearly reveal—even if they contradict our world-view. Such a faith against God is not based on science, but personal preference. They have already decided they do not want to believe in God—no matter what.

Such people should admit to their unscientific bias, and stop interfering in the name of science with those who want to know the truth—those who want to find out for themselves.

Many other people, however, when faced with this contradiction, recognize that the only honest position is to agree:

“Yes, if the scientific evidence, widely accepted as fact by the majority of intelligent people, reveals that God created everything, and meets my own standard, beyond a reasonable doubt, then sure—I would consider believing in Him.”

Would you agree to these terms as the rational scientific position?

What do you have to lose?


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