Season Watch Sponsor Mark Romanowski: San Diego Fire Door Inspection Services

I want you to know about my personal friend Mark Romanowski and his LOCKSMITH and Fire Door Inspection business. He’s decided to sponsor the show to help spread the Joy of Jesus! If your San Diego commercial building has fire doors, contact Mark’s Fire Door Inspection services. Mark can inspect and certify all your Fire Doors and help fix the most common problems with Fire Marshall Inspections. You can find Mark’s services and contact info at:

Radio Program: Season Watch

If you live in San Diego, please check out my new radio program Saturdays at 3:00 on KPRZ 1210 AM and FM 106.1 in North County. Or listen LIVE to K-Praise online at 3:00 Saturdays where previous episode podcasts will also be posted. Or visit my Season Watch Rumble Channel: Wendy’s Words for Him: Radio. Click on the Season Watch menu item for more information. Podcasts will be linked on this page.

Season Watch

Join Wendy Saturdays at 3 pm Where we observe the things coming on the earth through Biblical binoculars To receive up to 2 free bumper stickers, send a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to the station with a note of your request: Wendy Scott/Season Watch c/o KPRZ 9255 Towne Centre Drive Suite 535 San Diego, CA 92121 Click image to hear podcast episodes on her Rumble Channel: Wendy’s Words for HIM: Radio COME JOIN ME on Saturdays 3 pm, as … Read More

Rumble Videos: What do you Know?

What Do you Have What Do You Know: To Unbelievers (so far): A Plea from Christians who love you. Details: A plea to unbelievers to consider what their faith and hope is in, and whether they really know how this world started, and what will happen after they die. Christians are watching the signs of these times, and hoping that you will consider listening to the message of hope and truth in Jesus. 13:34 CONSUMER WARNING: This video is intended … Read More

Rumble Videos: Life Beyond: Paige’s Story

Life Beyond the Grave: 1. Paige’s Story. She let her life slip away until she went to Hell and back. From CBN’s Powerful Series, Life Beyond the Grave. Find out how Paige fell into an empty life of self-gratification, slipping far away from the promises of joy, purpose, and eternal life in Jesus. She got a 2nd chance; most people don’t. But for YOU right now, it’s not too late to seek God and ask for eternal life in Jesus’s … Read More

Rumble Videos: Life Beyond: Mary’s Story

Life Beyond the Grave:2. Mary’s Story. A violent drowning launches her into the Kingdom of Heaven: Death comes unexpectedly for Mary, but her experience in Heaven transforms her understanding of God’s Kingdom and her priorities on earth. 10/9/22. 15:18 Be sure that if your time comes suddenly, or if the Trumpet sounds calling Jesus’s church home, that you have your reservation secured, and your treasure in the Hope of Heaven. You can tell Jesus right now that you believe He … Read More

Rumble Videos: Life Beyond: John’s Story

Life Beyond the Grave: 3 John’s Story. He was a minister of darkness until he met the power of Light Satan has worshipers too, and priests that call down darkness from the spiritual world onto the unsuspecting, unguarded world we live in. John’s story reveals that Satanic forces influence the culture, our neighborhoods, our families, and every level of society because we have taken the light of truth away. Darkness fills the void, but the light of God through the … Read More

Rumble Video: Everything out of Nothing?

Creation Science: Everything out of Nothing? How The Big Bang Breaks the Laws of Physics How Christians can open a discussion with science skeptics of Creation by asking a simple question. This also can help build faith in those who would like to believe that scientific facts support the Biblical Creation account, and affirm The Word of God as literal and inerrant. We can have confidence that TRUE science and the scientific method confirm the Biblical account of Creation, through … Read More

Rumble Videos: I Survived Hell

I Survived Beyond & Back. Warning! Descent into Hell: Matthew’s Story about dying and going to Hell: Taken from the A&E series, “I Survived, Beyond and Back,” Matthew shares his story about getting Killed, and the description of what he experienced next. Find out how he lived to tell about hell, and what he thinks now. If you are watching this video, it’s not too late for you. Ask Jesus to pay for your sins before the unexpected happens, and … Read More

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