Do you Need God’s Encouragement?

Do you need a hug from God?

Maybe His comfort and assurance?

An arm around your shoulder from the one who deeply loves you?

From the only one who can make things right in your life?

There are times when it is obvious that things are NOT within our control, and this can bring a sense of overwhelming distress, and fear, loneliness, or frustration, cynicism, and hopelessness. . .

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Welcome Faithful Sheep!

by Wendy Scott

God inspired me to create this website as a discussion forum for believers who want to encourage the lost. Many Christians would like to share their faith more often, but feel unprepared to start those conversations with friends, family, co-workers, and especially strangers. But there are so many lost and hurting people around us.

Chances are, nearly every week we encounter someone who is ready to hear the hope of God’s love and salvation, but we feel intimidated into staying silent. We worry about social pressures, and about what to say: How do I start? Can I answer their questions? How do I explain the Gospel? What if I make them upset?

I will tell you two truths: 1) Their response is God’s responsibility. 2) Prepare your heart, and God will do the rest.

All blessings in Him!

Wendy S. Scott

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